Propping Guide

Poker rooms need poker props to help them generate action, starting new tables and keeping games running. They prefer to keep their prop efforts quiet, but they are willing to compensate their recruited props very well. Think of it as Super-Rakeback, where you can earn huge amounts of rakeback, sometimes more than 100%!

100% Rakeback
135% Rakeback
120% Rakeback

What is Poker Propping?

Poker propping is a lesser known, but very important part of the poker economy. Poker rooms invest considerable resources marketing their rooms. Poker rooms can’t afford to have new players show up to a room with no action because new players are typically reluctant to start new tables or play short handed. Poker props play that important role of populating these tables and encouraging these new players to play, thereby helping the poker room make money. The prop player plays with their own money, but the poker rooms pay them for this valuable service by giving them most, or all, of their rake back. While the need for poker props is greatest at new and smaller poker rooms, that doesn't mean props play at such upstart sites exclusively. Some of the already established poker rooms hire poker props in specific areas that need more activity and action.

How much can I earn as a Poker Prop?

The compensation for poker propping is considerable.  Whereas rakeback from a poker room is often around 30%, propping rakeback can be anywhere from 85% up to 135%.  Yes, that's right, in certain cases, you can be paid to play. That three fold difference in compensation makes a huge difference to your profitability as a poker player.  The poker room is willing to let you play for free in order to ensure action for the rest of its players.

In return for that great compensation, you must follow some limitations on where you can play and follow standard conduct rules that are encouraging of other players. Other downsides to propping are that most poker rooms do not let their prop players participate in their promotions and bonus systems and that the number of tables and players can be low.

Key Propping Guidelines
  • Cant join queues (full tables)
  • Deals are 100% confidential
  • A prop must be friendly
  • Not eligible for Promotions
How to become a Poker Prop
  • Sign up and register an account with RakeMeBack
  • Click on "Prop Player" and accept the "Become a Prop Player" Terms & Conditions
  • Apply for Prop Player deals
  • Accept each sites Prop deals rules and follow instructions

Is Poker Propping for me?

As a poker prop, your goal is to help start and sustain games. As such, you will often play at short-handed tables. You can't freely table select, or join waiting lists for juicy tables. Players who excel at heads up or short-handed play, do very well at propping. Many props play a very tight style, to minimize their risk, while their massive rake accumulates.

For those who are up to it, propping is nothing short of a goldmine. It can turn break even or slightly losing grinders into consistent winners and regular winners into new levels of profitability

Check out our extensive FAQ if you have any other questions.

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