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  • Rakeback: 30% Up to
  • Bonus de premier dépôt: $600
  • Bonus mensuel: -

Other Independent Sites

Independent poker rooms are those which do not belong to any poker network. There are certain advantages and disadvantages in belonging to a network. For one thing, young sites belonging to a big poker network (like Ongame) get a fairly good traffic relatively early on, due to the shared network traffic. Big, network-wide promotions are also nice to flaunt, especially if one runs a new site with few players and cannot yet afford to feature such promotions on his own.

Obviously, being part of a large network is an excellent way for small poker rooms to edge their way out of mediocrity. On the other hand though, there are drawbacks in having to answer to a "Big Brother". The network will impose its general policies on the member sites no matter what, and that may just restrict their operations in areas which they themselves deem essential for their proper functioning.

Being highly successful though has apparently little to do with being a poker network member. Independent sites like Full Tilt Poker, Party Poker or Ultimate Bet are highly successful and they do get to say the last word in everything they do. No wonder that – having recognized the importance of this edge in the eyes of the player -some of these poker rooms offer rakeback, and other extremely attractive promotions. No big brothe’s going to tell these giants what they can and can’t do. Is this very fact an integral part of their recipe for success? Could well be.

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