Prop Site #8 Rakeback: Up to 150%

Prop Site #8 Rakeback

Prop Site #8 Rakeback: Up to 150%
Réseau: Prop sites
Taille du réseau: Small
Bonus de premier dépôt: -
Bonus mensuel: -
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Sorry, this rakeback deal is currently unavailable!

Please contact our support for more information.

Prop Site #8

General information
Prop Site #8 is a deal on a unique Poker network that means you can also play as a prop on your iPhone and iPad.

Prop Compensation
- 102% on all tables and all limits of poker as long as Prop numbers on a table are equal or less than non prop players seated at that table.
- If there are more props than non props on a table you will earn 70% rakeback for that table.

Frequently asked questions
Q: I have an existing account. Can I still become a prop?
A: It depends. Contact prop support for more information.

Q: Where do I get paid and when?
A: Rakeback is paid daily direct into your playing account.

Q: The shiftmanager does not answer. Is this normal?
A: The shiftmanager does not usually respond unless you break the rules or there are some other kind of issues regarding your prop play.

Payment options
Bank Transfer
Diners Card

NOTE: All payment options are provided via Moneybookers.

Rules and Restrictions:
1) Before you start propping, check in to the shiftmanager at Yahoo IM or MSN Messenger by sending "alias is checking in for propping at Prop Site X”. The shiftmanager does not usually respond unless you break the rules or there are some other kind of issue regarding your prop play. Failure to report the start of each new propping session may result in no prop payments.

2) Props must only take one of the first 4 seats at a table.

3) Props shall participate in chat at the tables to encourage a good environment. Chat cannot mention the Prop program, must be respectful to Customers, must NOT undertake any recruitment and must not violate any standard customer rules. Props not following this code of conduct will be warned and subject to penalties and may have chat disabled.

4) Props are not eligible for any bonuses or promotions unless otherwise agreed.

5) Props must always sit at an empty table willing to play – trying to increase action on the tables – unless the prop is already playing at 3 tables (rule not enforced if playing on an iPhone. iPhone usage is logged).

6) The Prop Site reserves the right to withhold payment to any prop players suspected of collusion or abuse of the scheme in general. This includes breaking the prop rules.

7) The prop must register with a new screen name (poker alias) not used previously on the site

8) Props must be polite in the chat, no abusive or sarcastic chat of other players will be tolerated

9) A prop must never disclose their prop deal to another person or player

10) If the rules above are not followed the maximum rake that the prop will be able to earn is 35% during that period.
Site features
  • 6-max No Limit Holdem special
  • iPhone, iPad & iPod compatible
  • Mac compatible
  • Not compatible with PokerTracker, PokerOffice and Hold'Em Manager
  • Accepts Danish Players
Deposit Methods
Prop Site #8 rakeback

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