Prop Site #2 Rakeback: 100%

Prop Site #2 Rakeback

Prop Site #2 Rakeback: 100%
Réseau: Prop sites
Taille du réseau: Small
Bonus de premier dépôt: -
Bonus mensuel: -
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Sorry, this rakeback deal is currently unavailable!

Please contact our support for more information.

Prop Site #7

General information

Prop site #7 is an exclusive deal at an etablished Poker network. Please look through the rules carefully as this site have slightly tougher rules compared to other prop sites.

Prop Compensation
- 90% rakeback on prop eligible tables
- 100% Rake Back if average in excess of $220 Gross Rake per day

Props are allowed to play SNGs and tournaments and will receive rakeback at the fee if they do play a cashgame table at the same time.

Prop Limits:
$0,50/1 NL and above
$1/2 FL and above

Any play outside the prop scheme is paid 35% rakeback. Props does not have to follow prop rules other than chatting rules during play at non prop limits.

Frequently asked questions about this site
I already got an account at this network, can I still become a prop?
- No, unfortunately this is not possible

Where do I get my rakeback, and what day do I get paid?
- You get paid weekly at Mondays (afternoon EST) directly into your account

The shiftmanager does not answer my check ins, is this normal?
- The shiftmanager does not usually respond unless you break the rules or there are some other kind of issue regarding your prop play.

Payment options
Wire Transfer

Site features
  • Established network
  • Prop Rake Race
Prop Site #2 rakeback

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