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Réseau: OnGame
Taille du réseau: Medium
Betsson : VIP
Origine: MaltaEU
Bonus de premier dépôt: €30
Bonus mensuel: -
Preferred Deposit Method   MoneyBookers
No longer available!

Please contact our support for more information.


Rakeback is paid to your poker account twice a month 1-15 and 16-30/31.

The total contributed rake must be equal to $40 or more over a two week period in order to qualify for rakeback in that period.


Betsson fixed amount bonus, 1200, 1400 and 1600. To claim the bonus use VIP1200, VIP1400 or VIP1600 for the amount you want.

NOTE: The bonus has to be claimed within 60 days of depositing.


Betsson is part of the large and popular Ongame poker network.

Betsson review

Part of the Ongame poker network, Betsson is a one of the larger online gambling companies, presently employing around 800 people. They’re listed on the Swedish Stock exchange.

They offer online poker services and customer support in a variety of languages. I guess being the huge company that they are, they can afford it.

The Ongame software Betsson is using, is a very clean looking, highly user-oriented piece of software. There are no bright colors to bother your eyes, and coupled with its reliability, it offers a complete gaming experience. The Betsson software undergoes regular audits by Gaming Associates to insure its fairness, and it features 128-bit encryption to protect its players from fraud.

Besides the regular downloadable poker client, Betsson also has a “play in the browser” option which will put you in the middle of the action instantly. They take a 5% rake with a max of $3/pot.

Player competition is an interesting mix at Betsson: they have a sportsbook operation, too so they obviously get some poker players from that direction. Sports bettors are generally not the best poker players, and this shows on Betsson: the higher limits/stakes tables ( where real, semi professional and professional poker players play) are extremely difficult to beat. Remember that they get a lot of players from Scandinavian countries, and Scandinavians are generally regarded as good poker players.

Lower limit tables ( where the common people gather) are more chaotic, and naturally easier to beat. The rate at which you generate rake at these tables though is a less than satisfactory one. That is of course, if you’re after unlocking your bonus(es).

When playing a real money table at Betsson, you’ll generate poker points. If there’s a $3 (max) rake taken from a pot you’ve played in, everyone who played in that hand will get 3 poker points. These points can be used either for unlocking bonuses or for gaining access to freerolls.

Promotions-wise Betsson has a few aces up its sleeve: those players who earn more than 200 PPs during the course of one week, will gain access completely free, to a weekly cashback freeroll with a prize-pool of $2000.
Another such promotion is their Monthly VIP freeroll, accessible to those who make over 1000 PPs during the course of a month. The prize-pool for this freeroll is $10.000, and entry is absolutely free.

Betsson VIP