OnGame Rakeback

Based in Sweden and with 7 years experience under their belt, Ongame is without a doubt one of the better poker software providers out there.

With prestigious online poker rooms like Betsson belonging to their network, the name Ongame is a virtual guarantee of quality and security. They have taken extra steps to make sure their client is accessible from a wide range of platforms. Not only did they develop a superb Windows client (more on this one later) they also paid attention to those poker players who use MacOS or Linux.

Their java-based client can be accessed from all these platforms without the inconvenience of having to download anything. What this means, is that Ongame leaves no market niche uncovered: not only do they reach out for those stuck on non-windows systems, but they also cover the growing mobile market.

As for the good-old downloadable Windows client, Ongame is going to provide you the best at that too.

Even though the online poker client was the first piece of software they developed, by continuously updating it, they managed to keep it on a very competitive level to this day. Graphics are great and the game flows smoothly without any glitches. It currently offers Texas Hold'em (the flagship of the whole project) Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi-Lo, 7 Card Stud and 5 Card Draw. With the extensive Ongame network, finding opponents at any of these games cannot be a problem.

Ongame also addressed the growing popularity of home poker games, by introducing a special feature: password-protected personalized tables. Whenever you feel like you want some revenge for that humiliating Saturday-evening trashing you've taken from your pal, Bob, just create a table, set a password, call him and let him know how he can join. (Ongame cannot guarantee that you won't get your rear handed to you again, though) The windows client is highly customizable; perfect for individual poker sites to create that unique look they're after.

Table views can be changed and there's multi-lingual support available for those who target certain countries or populations.

With different types of fraud on the rise, Ongame had to make sure its software was fully capable to filter out suspicious activities, in whatever form they would appear. If you think you can cheat honest players out of their bankrolls by communicating with a buddy of yours (player collusion) the Ongame network is a place you should stay well clear of. They have a dedicated team constantly monitoring every single game and looking for suspicious betting patterns and actions. In the Ongame network, crime just doesn't pay. The software incorporates sophisticated business-related information reporting, something that is especially useful for Ongame partners.

If you still have any doubts in your mind that Ongame means business indeed, you may want to know that they're Gambling Guidance Group and eCOGRA certified. They're also listed on the Stockholm stock exchange. Even though they do not officially support any rakeback or rake reduction, click our Betsson link above, as we may have a couple of interesting surprises for you.