Prop Site #7 Rakeback: 70%

Prop Site #7 Rakeback

Prop Site #7 Rakeback: 70%
Réseau: Prop sites
Taille du réseau: Small
Bonus de premier dépôt: -
Bonus mensuel: -
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Sorry, this rakeback deal is currently unavailable!

Please contact our support for more information.

Prop Site #7

General Information:
This deal is at an established network with more traffic than any other prop deal we are offering. They especially requests props playing during EU times, but they also accept US players. This is a rare opportunity to prop at a site like this so it is very important that any applications are from serious props that will follow the prop rules.

The application process for this site is very different to others, there is NO initial downloading of the poker client and it takes a few stages. Please read below for the full details of how you can start your application to become a prop.

Prop compensation:
Hold ‘em - $1/$2 and up (NL/PL/FL 6 & 9 max)

Omaha & Omaha 8 - $0.25/$0.50 and up (NL/PL/FL 6 & 9 max)

Tournaments - All tournaments are eligible for 50% rakeback. This includes Heads Up SNG's where you also do not need to be seated first.

Deposit and transaction fees are deducted for props.

How do I apply to become a Prop on Prop Site #7?
To start your application:
1) Login to your RakeMeback account
2) Click on the 'My account' link at the top of the page
3) Click on the 'Prop player' tab
4) Apply for rakeback at Prop Site #7
5) The site will review your initial application using your RakeMeback account details, if you are asked to be a prop then we will reveal the sites name and your create an account and verify your poker alias with us
6) We submit your new account to the site and they track it and confirm you are a prop. Once we confirm with you that you are a prop you can start to play but not before.

Please note the application and sign up process for this deal is different to our other prop deals. You have to initially apply to the site who will check to see if you are already registered in their system. There is no downloading of the poker site at this initial stage and we CAN NOT reveal the site or network at this stage.

If you are not already a player on the site then they will invite you to fully apply for the prop deal, this stage will then include creating your prop account on the site. Please be patient as each stage may take a few days to completed by the site.

Frequently asked questions:
Q: I have an existing account, can I still be a prop here?
A: No.

Q: Where do I get paid and when?
A: You are paid weekly to your account every Monday

Payment options:
A lot of other methods restricted to one or a few nationalities

Prop rules:
1. No more than 2 props at each table (enforced by software)

2. The props are invited to join tables where one-half (50%) or less of the seats are occupied (assuming restraint (1) above is satisfied). Props will receive a warning pop up system message.

3. Any violation of the prop limits will result in the prop account being closed and accrued payment being forfeited.

4. Props are not eligible for promotions unless specifically notified and confirmed by RakeMeBack. The prop players are allowed to open up a second account with regular rakeback in order to be eligible for promotions.
Site features
  • Established network
  • Limited deal
  • Accepts USA players
  • Good liquidity
  • Tournaments included
Prop Site #7 rakeback

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