VC Poker rakeback

Victor Chandler is one of the most prominent online sportsbooks. The company has been around for ages, thus trust is not an issue with these guys.

Ever since it made the move from Tribeca to iPoker, VC Poker’s software has improved greatly. The room is now powered by Playtech and several new features have been added to facilitate multi tabling. Players can play at 8 tables simultaneously, mini table views are available as well. Unfortunately, due to the extremely generous countdown timer, the software ends up being somewhat slow.

Looking for VC Poker rakeback? Well you won’t find it here or anywhere else for that matter. iPoker has adopted a strict non rakeback policy, so VC Poker will give you none of it either. Fortunately, you can find plenty of other sites which give you everything VC Poker does, plus something on the side and offer you rakeback too.

The room used to be a medium one at best and that didn’t change much following their move to iPoker. They now reap the benefits of network-wide traffic though, so you will probably find plenty of action on most limits. SNGs fill up relatively fast too. There are plenty of freerolls too, though most of them only offer extremely small prize-pools so they’re by no means a substitute for a sturdy VC Poker rakeback deal.

VC Poker’s sign-up bonus is an industry standard one as well, no surprises there. The rake is capped at $3 at all NL tables, and at $1 at the limit ones, up to $1/$2. That means the rake doesn’t even reach 5% which is great. Since you’re not getting any VC Poker rakeback, that is kind of useful to have.

The game selection is standard as well. You get 7-Card Stud, Holdem, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo. There are low enough buy-ins to accommodate all comers, so from that angle, VC Poker is indeed a good place for a beginner to start. It is rather tricky to determine the skill level of competition at VC Poker. The ipoker network is massive, which means that players of all skill levels play at VC. Those who are exclusive to Victor Chandler tend to be soft though. There are tons of beginners here thanks to a $35 money upfront promotion the site is running for its new players.

For a rakeback player, the lack of a VC poker rakeback deal pretty much kills the value though. The Betfair rakeback is an excellent alternative: it offers massive traffic and on top of that, a 40% rakeback deal too.

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