Instadebit Review

Instadebit could easily qualify as one of the handiest and easiest to use online payment solutions for online poker, if it weren’t for a few apparently feeble yet quite significant drawbacks.

Let’s start with the plusses though: Instadebit is the definition of privacy-buffer between the customer’s bank account and the entities which receive funds from the player. Unlike other e-wallets, Instadebit doesn’t require players to upload funds to their accounts. Instadebit works with US and Canadian dollar-based bank accounts, by allowing players to make transfers directly from their bank accounts without having to share any of their potentially sensitive information with 3rd parties. Players don’t even have to have an Instadebit account set up in order to use the service. They can set everything up on the go the first time they decide they want to make a payment using Instadebit. Setting up the Instadebit is as easy as 1-2-3 too. All players have to do is to fill out a form with their details and details of the bank account with which they want to use the payment options. That’s about all there is to Instadebit.

The site doesn’t charge players for the various transactions they make. Players can log into their Instadebit accounts at any time and they can scour their transaction history to track down exactly what they spend their money on. The site features outstanding 24/7 support, so players can get instant assistance whenever they run into any kind of problems. What are Instadebit’s downsides? The operation has been focused on Canada from the get go and thus only Canadian residents are currently eligible to use the method. The only currencies accepted by Instadebit are US and Canadian dollars. Withdrawals carry a commission, but then again one can’t possibly expect a payment processor to offer its services for free. Instadebit cannot be used by US residents.

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