Poker Nexus Rakeback

Poker Nexus

You probably know all about how poker networks work. They provide their members software and technical support, but in exchange for that, they retain the players as their own. On such traditional poker networks (like any of the other networks featured on our website) internal player migration is sometimes an issue. Different member rooms give their players better sign-up bonuses or other enticements, and thus people keep jumping from one room to another.

In order to prevent this, the network usually asserts control over bonuses and promotions, thus virtually leaving the individual poker rooms at the mercy of a central decision-making entity. This will also result in universal rakeback rates for the member rooms in some of the cases. If this is in line with what you know about poker networks, Poker Nexus is going to turn it all upside down.

This poker network, managed by Chartwell Games Ltd decided that it was only fair to allow free competition and natural selection within the network to follow its due course. No Poker Nexus member will ever be told what it can offer bonus and promotions-wise. This is probably why rakeback offers are also extremely generous on this network. These poker rooms may provide some pretty stiff competition for one another, but that doesn’t concern you, the player, as you can only benefit off of such situations.

Fatbet Poker, one of the prime poker rooms on the Poker Nexus network, will give its players no less than 50% of the rake they generate back. Heck, this Fatbet rakeback is almost as generous as a prop deal, without the downsides and restrictions.

Not only doesn’t the network set policies about player enticements on Nexus, poker rooms have full and exclusive rights to their player-base. This new system seems to cover all the shortcomings of traditional poker networks. Let the rooms keep their players, and let them duke it out fair and square. This formula may well be the one that most poker networks will adopt in the future.

The PokerNexus software has been developed by Chartwell Technology, a long time online gaming software provider, and it looks and acts every bit as well as any of its competitors, in some respects even outperforming them.