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Based in Sweden, and listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, Boss Media is a network with a focus on European players. As such, they do not accept Americans, but they do allow Swedish players to use their rooms.

According to their website, the Bossmedia Network has long recognized the link between the social aspect of the game of poker and the importance of customer loyalty in this business. Their products are tailored on this concept, and I'm pretty sure much of Boss Media's success is due to it.

The Boss Media Software won't be hard on your eyes. The two poker rooms belonging to their network (Poker and Fortune poker) that I took a closer look at, both have attractive and smooth interfaces. The cards are well visible and you don't need a magnifying-glass to be able to tell the king of diamonds and the queen of hearts apart. (As it happens in some poker rooms)

Controls are easy to find, and the whole interface is a definition of user friendliness. Obviously, it isn't something designed with only poker pros in mind. They support multiple languages and currencies, so if you were thinking of opening an online poker room using Boss Media software, you'll be able to get very local-specific in your approach.

Boss Media also has a flash poker client, one that requires no downloading and can be accessed directly from a web-browser. They view this as a tool for recruiting more online players, and advertise it as a solution that will bring poker onto public computers and into offices. (Not sure whether playing at work is a good idea… but it's your decision)

On the downside: players don't really get a warning when they're moved to another table in Multi-Table tourneys. If you wonder why the blinds pass over you twice in quick succession, chances are you've been moved to another table and didn't notice it. Tables open slowly, and the lobby-updating is also pretty slow.

Boss Media is a poker network that values player-loyalty more than anything else. Not only is this repeatedly stated on their website but the way the software is built and the way their promotion system is set up, conveys the same message.

There are pretty thick first deposit bonuses on all Boss Media network skins, including Fortune Poker and Poker Heaven, and the Boss Media rakeback isn't an easy offer to overlook either.

Both Fortune Poker and Poker Heaven offer 30% of the rake you generate at their rooms back, and a host of other poker promotions you won't want to miss out on. Click on the respective rooms at the top of this page to find out more about their promotions.