Absolute Network Rakeback

The Absolute Poker network is one that I spent quite a lot of time playing on myself, so without any further ado, I'll get right into the pros and cons regarding their software.
There are whole bunch of customizable table views, which the network member rooms can use to make their interface look unique, but still, one shall be able to recognize the crisp and clear graphics and the no-nonsense interface of the Absolute poker software, no matter where he sees it.

One of the features I liked most about Absolute poker was that the cashier section showed the credits and the bonuses in real time. Something like this is pretty important for those who play a lot and especially for those who aim to generate a lot of rake through their play. Remember that Absolute Poker and VegasPoker247 offer 30% rakeback to their players, so it is important that you keep track of how your bankroll evolves through countless hands of rake-generating action.

The fact that pot and bet totals are listed near the top of the screen is an added benefit which makes it easier for advanced players to track pot odds. Hands that you've played before will appear graphically, and hand history is also very user-friendly.
Another nice little user-oriented addition is the incremental bar that allows players to select and bet multiples of the Big Blind.

The cons would be: the software is kind of hard on system resources, and this may slow play down a bit on slower systems, although anyone with a decent PC should be able to run it without problems. Word has it; the client is also quite buggy, although, I must tell you, I never really experienced any such problems while playing.

Another factor that will slow down game play is that the players are allowed too much time to act. As every poker room has its fair share of anti-social elements, some players may and will use this to annoy others.

Another, more serious issue is, that you're removed from the table if your disconnect lasts longer than 30 seconds. It happened when I played it a good while ago, though I honestly hope they have fixed that problem up by now.

Your security is looked after by the 256-bit encryption and Absolute Poker's own custom encryption algorithm.

Server authentication is also required (DES).
Competition in the Absolute Poker network is pretty soft, so it's a good place to go fishing. Getting 30% Absolute Poker rakeback is not bad either so why not join and make some money?