Tribeca Rakeback

The Tribeca Tables network used to offer a solid and graphically satisfying gaming experience. It is the software I spent most time playing online poker on, and, despite its shortcomings, I never had any truly negative experiences with it. As far as I remember, competition on the Tribeca network used to be pretty soft. I barely had basic strategy knowledge back then, still I found that beating low and middle stakes limit and no limit Texas Holdem was fairly easy. Of course there were some excellent promotions luring tons upon tons of fish to the Tribeca tables.

They offered free cash to those who signed up, without any deposit required, and that naturally contributed to the influx of fish. Obviously, after the promotion had expired and fish had pretty much lost their free cash, the competition tightened up once again. Some Tribeca network member rooms offered rakeback to their players too.

Tribeca software used to be very fast and functional, even when my internet connection went dead; it kept me at the table and kept track of the actions I had previously undertaken. As soon as I got back online it took things right where they were when I left. As I said, graphics were attractive, and there were options for unique table views. On the downside, the lobby was slow as hell to update. Sometimes I thought I lost money from my account when in fact I won, but it took some time until it showed up accurately. Tribeca software was Poker Tracker compatible, well, at least it's Texas Holdem and Omaha ring games were...

In case you were wondering why I used past tense all over this review, here's why: Tribeca Tables was recently bought by Playtech who operates iPoker. All the poker rooms that were in the Tribeca network have migrated to the new owners.